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I’m Stacey, a 25-year-old Geordie living in Manchester (although I’ve been here so long now that my accent is like a very milky tea. Six years ago I moved from one rainy place in the north to another rainy place in the north to study at university. Finally I am study book free and taking on the world of self-employment with a girl boss attitude as my ultimate weapon. Stacey Michelle is a lifestyle blog where I chat openly all about life stuff – sounds so professional doesn’t it? Ha, well I never wanted to put things into restrictive boxes so let’s just say that here you will find a little bit of everything (although categorised so it’s not a complete higgle-t-piggle-t pile of chaos.


I’m also the creator behind SM Creative (a new venture to be revealed soon!) and creative online boutique Hippo & Co. My biggest and proudest achievement is Hippo & Co. which I run with my partner and best friend Chris. Over there my role is chief designer and I get to create playful goodies for fun-stuff-lovin’-kinda-folk. I ADORE my job and love nothing more than to spend my afternoon drinking lots of tea and designing fun things until my heart’s content. My ultimate work-from-home dream is to have a fluffy golden retriever snoozing at my feet.


I know you’re thinking blah blah blah, shut up talking about tea and dogs and tell me what the heck you can do for me. Ok, so straight off the bat, this is what I’m good at…


  • BRANDING: Designing is my number one passion and I can work with you to create a brand that you (and everyone else!) will love. When I receive an email from a very happy client saying that they love their finished product, I get a buzz inside and this fuels my instaiable enthusiasm (much like cake!). I will work with you to create some fancy brand stuff that gives your website and stationery a ‘top notch’ vibe to it. We’ll collaborate to nail your logo design and then I can create a whole host of print stationery to compliment your brand as you busy yourself shouting about your new venture from the rooftops. Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Drop me an email to have a no-obligation chat about your project.


  • WEBSITE REVIEWS: I know that running a business is hard and getting off with a speedy start is even blimmin’ harder. I offer a service whereby I will review your website in greate detail and will offer advice as to where you can improve to make your customer experience even better. Sometimes all it needs is an extra (objective!) pair of eyes.


  • WRITING: I’m not going to lie, I’m no legend like JK Rowling (I mean, besides the woman herself – who is?) but my writing is not too shabby. Having spent five years at university, I’ve had more than my fair share of writing in-depth pieces on a tight timescale. If you’d like me to write about something – a product review or a service you provide then get in touch and we’ll discuss in further detail.


Ready for a chat? Fabulous! You can contact me at: hello@staceymichelle.co.uk