• Prison Break (hands down)
  • One Tree Hill
  • Chicago P.D
  • Game of Thrones
  • Stalker (cancelled after 1 season #sadface)



  • Mozzarella chicken wrapped in bacon
  • Stuffed crust pizza with chicken, bacon, pepperoni and extra cheese
  • Homemade corned beef and potato pie (minus the onions! – I LOATHE onions)
  • Sunday dinner (the yorkshire puddings are the best bit!)
  • Beef burger topped with cheese, bacon and bbq chicken



  • Popcorn – obviously – sweet is my favourite
  • Cheese and onion pringles
  • Terry’s chocolate orange (toffee!)
  • Ben & Jerry’s – Caramel chew chew
  • Galaxy minstrels



  • I was born in Newcastle (or North Shields to be precise)
  • I lived there for 19 whole years before I packed up my stuff and moved away to university
  • After 1st year I met my boyfriend Chris
  • 5 years later i’m still here and now this place is home
  • My Geordie accent is pretty much non-existent although it shows up occasionally from time to time



  • People who are kind and take the time to say something nice
  • Happy delivery men – way better than those who grunt and fling your parcels at you #awkwardencounters
  • DOGS! I’m a huge dog lover. I love their personalities and their unconditional loving hearts. I really really want my own Golden Retriever (already got his name picked out but it’s a secret!)
  • When you pass people in the street and they say good morning
  • Fresh bedding & a cold pillow
  • Listening to the rain
  • Naps in the day – although my naps usually last around 3 hours no matter how many alarms I set
  • Burnt bacon
  • York
  • Whales, hippos & bears
  • Warm chocolate fudge cake & ice-cream
  • Seeing small businesses support each other
  • Celebrating New Year
  • Turkish delight



  • A creased bed sheet…our sheet has a tendency to move and this MUST be fixed before I can get into bed
  • Anyone handing me a hot mug when they’ve got the handle
  • People who sit on their phones when they’re out for a meal/drink…shall I just talk to myself then?
  • Warm toilet seats *shudders*
  • Self-service checkouts (but I still insist on using them!)
  • Drivers who don’t indicate, say thanks or who drive up the butt of your car
  • When the weather is really really hot
  • Coffee, the taste of coffee and the smell of coffee. Bleurgh!
  • Driving – I prefer riding shotgun and having full control of the music selection



  • My boyfriend Chris (cheesy I know!)
  • The fan in the bedroom
  • Tea – it makes my world go round
  • Shampoo
  • Tweezers



  • I’m 5 ft and hate it!
  • I LOVE tattoos and have lots of pictures for inspiration – but I don’t have any…yet
  • I got my nose pierced on my 25th birthday
  • I don’t have either of my big toenails (ew sorry!) they were removed when I was 14 so wearing pretty sandels is a no-no.
  • I’m a Blackpool junkie – we go every year and I LOVE IT!
  • I want to get married OR honeymoon in Las Vegas
  • I’m super maternal and have been broody since I was about 16
  • I have an obsession with mug collecting – it’s the mug that makes the tea so good. Also, I need bigger cupboards so I can buy more mugs!
  • I didn’t go abroad until I was 20 (I went to the Christmas Markets in Germany with Chris)
  • My future house MUST HAVE room for a dishwasher, a super kingsize bed, beside tables (and for Chris to have his own side of the bed to get out of) and two toilets


And there we have it, a few facts about little old me. I’m HOPING that you found it interesting…at least a little bit!