Are you a brand or PR agency looking for a blogger to represent your goods/services? I’d be happy to work with you! Before sending a work proposal, please review my terms and conditions listed below.

  • As an honest individual, it is important to me for this little place on the internet to be 100% honest too. I will not share anything with my readers unless any opinions/experiences shared fully represent my thoughts and feelings. This means that I reserve complete creative freedom over the content of my blog and the manner of which any brand deals or sponserships may feature. All images and blog posts will be entirely my own work. In conjunction with this, all brand reviews/sponserships will be disclosed to be readers as well as a disclaimer that my opinions have been written honestly.


  • To ensure any reviews/opinions/advertisements can be written with true authenticity, I will not write about any products or services that I have not tried and tested myself. Any products that you wish for me to be review will be fully gifted and will not be returned upon the completion of the blog post unless previously specified as a condition and postage is paid for by yourselves.


  • As all product reviews and features will be written from an honest perspective, on rare occasions it may be the case that I have a poor experience with the product and may not be in your best interest for me to continue with the review. In the event that this should this happen, I will contact you prior to publishing to see how you would like to proceed. If you would like to withdraw the agreement then this is acceptable but I will not be expected to fund any product returns to you.


  • Once a sponsership is agreed upon, I will expect a written deadline for which I have to complete the agreed work. Any forms of harrassment to publish any articles sooner than the agreed date will be considered fully unacceptable and our agreement may be terminated. On this occasion, unless any returns are funded by yourselves, I will reserve the right to keep posession of any gifted products. In order to ensure both parties remain happy with the collaboration, please be as honest as possible in your proposal with regards to expectations and deadlines.


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